Book review: Love virtually

Ever read a book that was a dialogue between two people? Ever watched a movie that was just a dialogue between two people (Before Sunrise/Before Sunset)?

Well this is the book – the first time ever I came across something like this. Quite novel – as it is not easy to hold a reader’s interest in a dialogue (emails) between two people. Love virtually, which is anyway so relevant in our times is a classic tale of love in the internet age. It brings to light again the same old human tendencies – how comfortable people are in suddenly revealing their innermost thoughts to complete strangers, how the mystery of a close but virtual association paints pictures of the other in one’s own mind, how language and choice of words can lead to interpretations, assumptions, emotions and cause addictive patterns. There is an occasional time when a reader may get exhausted with the characters but the plot has enough interesting twists and turns to keep the reader going. 

I personally found a few observations around language and tone of writing and how it (can/may) tell a person’s characteristics or nature. The author’s own writing style is interesting – to write like two very different characters and paint a picture in the reader’s mind. While the meeting of the characters is rather impending, the reader also gets impatient. The book ends with an apt climax to this enigmatic tale that leaves one with enough curiosity to want the sequel. Definitely worth a read – ideal for journeys!