Five minutes : Give or Take

A person with varied interests will know, you can do some pretty amazing things in five minutes. Today I will write about 2 things – adding calories and taking them away.

Yep – five minutes for a quick indulgent dessert and five minutes of a full body workout. Take your pick. Or do both and balance things out 😀

Early into the quarantine, I became a fan of the dessert in a mug microwave kind of recipes. There are so many on the web, but I liked the Brownie in a mug the best. Just a few ingredients and pop into the microwave for 2-3 minutes and you’re done. Quick and easy satisfaction for the afternoon sugar craving, and portion control – well, the girls and I would all combined eat 1 mug so it was ok. No worries of finding refrigerator space to store it, or friends to give it to because you want to share the calories 😉

This is not my original recipe, but I browse many and only have a screenshot of this one so I’m typing it up!

The five minute recipe

2 tbs Self Raising Flour

2 tbs Unsweetened Cocoa

A pinch of salt to taste

2 tbs Brown sugar

2 tbs Milk

2 tbs vegetable oil

A dash of vanilla essence

Chocolate chips (depends on how much chocolate you want in the brownie)

Mix it all together , chocolate chips on top in the end and microwave for 2 minutes. The exact timing depends on your microwave settings, you may need to add or deduct 30-60 seconds depending on the strength. While I do bake often and know a lot of substitutes, I don’t give professional advice. You can still look up recipes for ‘Mug cake‘ or ‘Brownie in a mug‘ and you’ll get a ton of them. Lets just say I am telling you how you can indulge yourself at home in five minutes 😉 Good luck!

Just as I am not a professional baker, let me also say I am not a qualified fitness instructor. I just love this amazing 5 minutes full body workout. You should do this only if you already have experience with fitness and understand the form and technique of these movements, as also the stretches needed to avoid being sore from the workout. It is part of a full body routine that takes me about 30-35 mins to do, but somedays I’d just do 4 sets of this for ~20 mins if I were feeling lazy to do a longer workout routine. In 2 days or so it becomes easy to memorize and do this. Try it and let me know?

Five minute full body workout

5 tricep dips

10 forward lunges (each leg)

10 push ups

10 squats

15 Sit ups

20 jumping jacks