High five there! It’s Cinco De Mayo, for those who care. And yeah, I heard of that only when I briefly lived in the United States back in the mid 2000s. Neverthless, for some crazy reason it got me thinking of the significance of number 5 in my life. Yeah, perhaps because I’ve to think of new things now that I am running. So here’s the list I could manage, during my latest 5km run…

  1. The family: The famous five types. No, not a dog. Its just catchy to say famous five. So we were the Kalluri family: mom, dad and 3 girls. I am not counting the cats, because its confusing what with their many lives and the number of litters our female cat had in our home.
  2. The ideal spacing of kids: I am talking the strategic five year gap of my two adorables. They are 5 years and 8 days apart. It makes calculating and saying their ages to people, so easy and they somehow manage to play together. For now, that is.
  3. The best wake up time: My morning alarm is set to 5 am, everyday of the week these days. Always been a 5 am kinda person. Except before the dreaded Class X board exams when I used to wake up at 3 and listen to Lucky Ali crooning O Sanam and make myself a cup of tea so I could spring into action with the books. Nerd much?
  4. A once upon a time favourite book: The Five People you meet in heaven by Mitch Albom. I re-read this in more recent years and it didn’t appeal as much, but back when I’d read it, it made it to my list of favourites. Made me wonder a lot about who I’d meet in heaven. Well, until I decided that I should focus on the people I’m meeting here anyway, coz at least I can write about it.
  5. The running goals: As of now, my aim is to run 5km at least 5 times per week. Ah well, it just fits in even if its a temporary thing you see 😉