Picking favourites – a tough job!

So many of my posts are about music. Bollywood music has been a mainstream staple in my house, and even now, whenever I go over to mom’s, early morning tea and Vivid Bharti are the perfect morning joys we have together.

The magic of radio is that songs play, and you still discover ones you don’t know, you relish when your favourites play, and learn to endure when songs you dislike play. The last one – I’ve made some attempt to teach my kids to endure music that someone else appreciates, instead of always skipping, forwarding and so on. For years now our car drives consisted of taking turns to pick songs, right from the little one to the grandmas. Since my husband knows and listens to a lot of English music, and I listen to a lot of Tamil music, they have had quite a wide-ranged exposure to music.

Coming back to the early morning, cool-breeze, hot tea joys at my moms. We were listening to Talat Mahmood, and Hemant Kumar on the radio, and on a whim I asked her to do a fun list with me. ‘Tell me your favourite song of each of the famous singers of those times mom’, I said. Most things musical are always welcome, so I happily typed up her list, noting that I don’t know some of these songs. And I present it to you below, with my own list too. The favourite is almost a momentary decision, for it is impossibly cruel to have just one favourite song by each of these singers! Hope you enjoy and relive some memories as you read this 🙂

Talat MahmoodRaahi MatwaaleAansoon samajh ke
Mohd. RafiMain Zindagi Ka SaathDeewana mujhsa nahin
Kishore KumarHum Matwale NaujawanChukar mere man ko
Hemant KumarHai Apna Dil to awaraZara nazron se keh do ji
Lata MangeshkarPiya Tose Naina Laage rePiya Tose Naina Laage re
Asha BhonsleBhanwara bada naadan haiJhumka gira re
Geeta DuttAaj sajan mohe ang laga doAye dil mujhe bata de
Manna DeyKaun aaya mere man ke dwaareLaaga chunri mein daag
Mahendra KapoorNeele gagan ke taleChalo ek baar phir se
MukeshDum dum diga digaChal ri sajni
SuraiyaMast ankhon mein shararat
Our lists!

The only one I struggled with is Suraiya, as I don’t really seem to have listened to her songs after all.