The Magic Walks

This is Magic! He is our 6 month old pup, and we brought him home when we was a tiny 2 month old pup. In fact he looked like a plush toy, small, scared and just adorable.

Magic came into our lives because there are two animal nuts in the house. One is his dad, and one is the oldest girl, the almost-10 year old animal loving Ms.A.

Like for many big changes in my life, I didn’t do any preparation. We just got him, and I kinda hoped everything would fall in place. It does. Or you learn to workaround whatever doesn’t. The dog hair all around the house, the peeing and pooping, the biting, the litter, the morning surprise discoveries of things torn/shred/broken/chewed on at night. There are few dull moments now.

But its all worth it for love, just like with children. I call it my secondary love because I somehow see Magic as a gift for Ms.A. Not to mention the dad, who is often seen petting, cuddling, walking, poop-picking, shampooing, playing and annoying the poor fellow.

Magic at Sengur Dam, bird watching with dad

So about the Magic walks. I’m sure its a funny sight to my fellow residents, neighbours and community folks. Whenever its my turn to take Magic out, it is so obvious who dominates. Magic walks me, stops me wherever he likes, refuses to poop and tests my arm strength, wrist strength, willpower and patience all at once. I find it easier to run with him sometimes.

Forget stopping to smell the flowers. He wants to smell the pee spots of other dogs, the leftover scraps of food, the wet mud and what not. He meets his friends and goes into hyper mode, a flailing me is often seen trying to hold him, command him, even beg sometimes. I say it must be a very funny sight! And so is the state of Magic walks for now. Still fun an experience. Forever learning, like parenting. Like my cousin says, 100% joy but a lot of work 🙂

Our dear Magic. The eyes just get us. So doleful. One would melt and think the poor guy just needs love. And food. We give it but he’ll still look like he’s been deprived. Those innocent babyish looks. See what I mean…

Eyes that melt your heart