Travel diaries: Jim Corbett National Park

# shortestbreakever our four day getaway with 2 days of travel. But hell we made the most of it! 

# arewethereyet if you’ve done 14 hour journeys with two kids, you know you’ve heard this more times than the km traversed

#sunrisers move over Hyderabad Sunrises (the IPL team), the Pawars are sun risers! Up by 530 am on vacays, sitting in the lap of nature!

#resortbliss if there’s one resort that has it all- from organic farming, milk, awesome food, a terrific pool and the best settings for morning and evening chai! Absolutely recommend the Aahana resort! Here’s a link to their site https://www.aahanaresort.com/

#tigershiger who goes to Jim Corbett for tigers! Not us. We were happy with sighting birds and monkeys! The entire family learnt bird names. If you know Crimson Sunbird, Purple Capped Rock Thrush and White Cheeked Barbet , then you Really know!

#thewarningsigns he was sneaking away late nights and early mornings and I knew he had found new love. The hubby turned bird lover (photo taking) and here’s the proof:

White Cheeked Barbett
Crimson Sunbird
Purple capped Rock thrush

#thetwelveyearwhat what comes after the seven year itch. Twelfth year dermatitis ?? Meanwhile the kids have made about a dozen cards to celebrate the occasion…

#babylove she can squirm on you during the endless journey days and treat you like a tree or a sofa. And make it all up by saying ‘I want you mummy’ – in a way that no one has ever made you feel!