What’s your indulgence?

Chocolate is happiness you can eat!

One of the things I have learnt along the way is to know what my indulgence is when I am feeling low. This might have changed over the years, but I am guessing for most of us, it is something we eat 😉

Love for chocolate is not unknown, and due to all the feminist movements now, I am afraid to say ‘especially as a woman’. But, what the heck. Let me throw caution to the wind. Love for chocolate is something most women can identify with. I do know a few men who also love chocolate!

Can you rattle off a few chocolate based desserts that are instant mood elevators? I can of my favorites! Here goes : Chocolate brownie with some chocolate sauce on top (the home made variety), chocolate ice cream bar (Magnum, but also the humble Kwality Feast!), Bark thins – Dark chocolate with almond and sea salt, Dairy milk Silk bars, Dairy Milk nut and raisin, fruit and nut, rice crispy and hazelnut varieites, Lindt Excellence Orange intense, Hershey’s kisses both silver and almond, chocolate chip cookies and muffins (homemade), Nutella right out of the container. Ok! that should cover most of my favorites.

For most of my life I used a lot of restraint when it came to dessert consumption. Come mid life, I’ve taken to instant gratification. Why, I just about got back from a post lunch Feast chocobar eating session with my very indulgent friend. Just like that! without even feeling low. So liberating! So fun!

Is your mouth watering after reading this? Go for it. Better still, share your favorite chocolate desserts in reply?