Something I had written before potty-training the older one Ms.A, before she turned 3! The post is a hilarious look at the imaginary contents of a book written by a 3 year old on how to tackle parents.

Childing by A: Including tips and tricks on how to handle your parents


Chapter 1        Thumbsucking like a pro

Including top ten reasons to continue thumbsucking and how to battle parental strategies to get you to stop         

Chapter 2        No does not mean Yes

Understanding why parents expect you to stop doing something when they say ‘No’

Chapter 3        Getting creative with tantrums

Ideas on how to throw effective tantrums to get what you want in under five minutes

Chapter 4        Fussy feeders

Obsessive Parental Feeding Syndrome (OPFS) is more common than we know. Five child experts give their real experiences on how they coped with such parents

Chapter 5        Getting organized

Spreading toys and accessories around the house

Chapter 6        Why diapers are good for you

100 examples of thwarting all potty training attempts –we’ve got them all. Diapers are good!