Movie review: Aisha

Alright, I saw the promos and I was taken by Sonam Kapoor’s sense of style. The movie also stars Abhay Deol, who’s a really good actor. So when my mom suggested we watch the movie, I was all game for it.

The movie is about, well, Sonam Kapoor, who plays a rich, spoiled girl named Aisha. Aisha does whatever she wants to, with daddy dear paying the credit card bills. Early in the movie a typical ‘behenji’ named Shefali is entrusted to her, and Aisha makes over Shefali, quite succesfully. The repartee’s between Aisha and Arjun (Abhay Deol) make the most interesting part of the movie. Aisha is childish and Arjun is wise and charming. Now Aisha moves around with Shefali, and another friend Pinky, and is on a mission to match make Shefali with Ranbir Gambhir, a funny, irritating guy, a typical Delhi businessman. Ranbir has feelings for Aisha and she feels sorry for him. Arjun makes fun of Aisha’s attempts at ‘social work’ aka ‘match making’. Other characters enter the movie, and with after its many twists and turns and different pairings, the two main characters Aisha and Arjun realize their love for each other in the end. This is a light hearted romantic comedy of sorts, with a little bit of everything – masala, entertainment, comedy, visual treats and hummable music.

In the acting department, I think this is Sonam Kapoor’s best yet. And yes, again, her choice of clothes and styles in the movie is very European, very chic. Abhay Deol always impresses with his honest acting abilities, be it a rich spoiled kid in ‘Socha na tha’ or a conman/thief in ‘Oye Lucky Lucky Oye’.

Among the songs, I like the title song ‘Suno Aisha’, during which the girls shop at name brand stores and generally get dolled up. Its peppy and hey, who doesnt like to watch makeovers? ‘Gal mithi mithi bol’ is surely gonna be a popular dance song, although its at the very end of the movie.’Behke behke’ is your typical ‘Salsa’ music with good choreography.

All in all,Aisha is an entertaining and delightful movie, perfect for a girl’s night in.